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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to process my complaint?

We charge NO UPFRONT FEES at all.
If we do not win your complaint, we make no charge whatsoever.
Once we win your complaint, our fee will be 25% + VAT of the value of your claim.

What information will you need to investigate and process my complaint?

In the case of PPI attached to loans, we will need a copy of the loan agreement or proof that the insurance existed.
For credit card repayment cover complaints we will apply for a copy of all data held in relation to the insurance payments you have made.

What if I can’t find copies of my loan agreements?

Don’t worry; we can apply to your lender for copies of your loan agreements.
Most lenders will normally retain this information for up to six years after you have finished the agreement
(some lenders will retain this information for longer).

I don’t think I have the paperwork anymore does this mean you can’t help me?

Not at all, the only basic requirement is that we will need the provider details i.e bank name and the loan or credit card account number. If you can’t find the account number you can simply use our free credit checking facility. We have teamed up with where you can create a free account and get a complete credit report on yourself. This will show you all the financial products you have had in the past. This is a valuable exercise to do anyway as this credit report is exactly what lenders look at when you apply for any form of credit, so it is better to be armed with this information before making any applications. Once you have received your report we can then assist you with the details provided by CreditExpert and apply for the account numbers to assist in your complaint.

Do lenders charge to release information regarding my loans?

Yes. A Subject Access Request (which details all the information regarding your loan or credit card) costs £10-00, which is a standard lender’s charge. We will meet the cost of this on your behalf. If, having received this information from your lender, we decide that there is no viable cause for a complaint, we will advise you and your complaint will proceed no further.

Some of my loans finished more than six years ago. Can I still make a claim?

Yes. If you still have copies of the loan agreements or proof that the PPI existed, we can still consider the complaint.
We have had successes with complaints that have dated back to the early 1990’s.

How will you know if my PPI was mis-sold?

Once we have all the information needed to submit your complaint, one of our experienced advisers will contact you to establish the basis of any mis-sale. This will involve gathering information about your personal circumstances at the time; such as your employment details and what benefits (if any) your job may have provided you with.

How long will my claim take?

Once your claim has been submitted, your lender will have 8 weeks in which to consider the complaint and carry out their internal investigations. We aim to reach settlement on every complaint within this period, however if your lender exceeds this timescale your case may be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). We would, in all cases, discuss this with you as an alternative course of action, should we feel it necessary.

What if my lender disagrees that the PPI policy was Mis-sold?

We take great care to ensure that we are satisfied that your policy WAS mis-sold before we submit your complaint to your lender. If your lender fails to acknowledge the mis-selling of the PPI, we can refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (“F.O.S”) for their adjudication. This service is free of charge. Most of our complaints are settled without the intervention of the “F.O.S.”

Is this process legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal.
You, as a consumer are within your rights to challenge the sales process of an insurance policy, which may have been mis-sold to you.
If you have ever "EVER" ever had a loan or card with PPI attached we urge you to investigate the possibility of mis-selling.
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Will this affect my credit rating or my relationship with my lender?

NO, a complaint against mis-selling of PPI has no effect on your credit file, and will not affect any relationship with your lender.

Can I still claim against a Lender that is 'in default'?

Yes. You may still be entitled to a refund. Several lenders (including Welcome Finance, London and Scottish, and Picture Homeloans) have entered into default which means that they are no longer lending money, and, due to their insolvency, are financially unable to meet the costs of meeting claims for mis-sold PPI. Claims against lenders in default must be processed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), and we are more than happy to deal with your claim on your behalf.

How do I start my claim?

Simple. Just call one of our advisers on 01707 649665
Or complete the “Request a call-back” box on our Home page and we’ll contact you to discuss your claim further.

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